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Negative Comments About Nicole Dean

There are NONE! Okay, maybe one from me (and it’s not negative). She makes my stomach churn! But only in a good way. 😉 You see, I met Nicole Dean several years ago via a Mastermind group we both belonged to. At first she was a bit quiet but as time went by, she began talking and the things she would say were always compelling comments.

Nicole didn’t play around. Although she was funny and definitely has a great sense of humor, she didn’t waste time complaining or worrying if her business was the right the thing to do – she buckled down, studied and began implementing business products and services that she knew her niche wanted, needed and could afford!

Since then, she’s worked with some big names in the Internet Marketing industry. For her it wasn’t about being some IM guru, it was more than that – because she studied those big names and their strategies, she applied them to her business therefore producing the results that most businesses only dream about AND began teaching others exactly how to do the same!

Side note: Remember in my last post where I said I don’t promote Sally just cause I love what she does? And if I do, it has to be a win-win situation involved, not just for me, but for my readers as well? Then, don’t look at this promotion as an empty one — I’m serious about this chick, there is NO [bar-none] junk in her trunk!


So why does Nicole make my stomach churn? Because every time I see a message from her or via our own email conversations, not to mention our in person meeting face to face a couple of years ago, everything she says is definitive (she speaks from experience, i.e, authority). So when I found out (and no she didn’t tell me), about her new program she’s offering (www.NicoleDeanIncomeCPR.com), I jumped right in with NO hesitation because I know she’s going to tell it like is, and teach me in a way that I’ll ‘get it’ – without the hype and false promises of a lot of stuff we see online each and everyday!

namsI specifically remember her walking up to me saying, “We’ve got to get that bluetooth out of your ear!” Well, after I thought about it, I knew exactly where she was going with the conversation. Here’s why… I use to ALWAYS keep my bluetooth in my ear, no matter where I was because I didn’t want to miss a telephone call from a potential or existing client. My reason for that was, I didn’t want to lose one ounce of business! I was working with a spirit of “fear of loss.” NOT COOL! Since then, I’ve learned how to work my business on auto-pilot and open up room (breathe life into my business) for additional projects instead of focusing on what I didn’t have, make sense?

(Picture: I have a picture of Nicole and myself, just can’t locate at the moment, so here’s a pic of us along with other great friends!)

Just that one comment – changed me and my business for the better (and I don’t wear my bluetooth as much as I did before ~ whew! what a relief!)

What Income C.P.R. is all about…

income-cprIn this membership, you’ll get to learn from her experience, like:

“How to put “first things first” and move your information products business to money-making level quickly, without investing tons more time and energy.”

I know you’ve probably seen offers like this before, but let me tell you, if seriously want to move your business to the next level, Nicole Dean is the person you want to listen to when it comes to launching your (information product) whether a book, ebook, PLR store, membership site, audio, or video course.

Here’s why:

“As you know already, the programs most internet marketing “gurus” are selling are plain theory. They tell you what you should be doing, but don’t tell you what THEY’RE doing.” ~ Nicole

You’ll learn:

  • How Nicole recruits affiliates, run successful promotions, and provide tools for them and how you can get yours to promote the heck out of your info products FOR you.
  • Why her customer support program MAKES her money, instead of costing her cash in staffing and time – and how you can do the same thing.
  • What a successful backend sales process looks like, and how you can put the sales funnel you already have on steroids to double or even triple your profits.

You’ll also get:

  • A monthly lesson showcasing step-by-step about one particular facet of my very successful online business, including case studies and tips for applying my steps to YOUR business;
  • Full access to ask questions about the monthly content and have them answered the following month;
  • FREE submission access to FreeAffiliateArticles.com, so I can recruit affiliates for you

It really is like having a backstage pass to a 6-Figure Business! (she said that and, I definitely concur!”

Now, I wouldn’t say this is the best part to it, (only ten bucks a month), because people are always looking to get something for nothing! The best part is, you CAN afford it and there’s absolutely NO reason why you shouldn’t try it for the measly investment! ESPECIALLY if your business isn’t producing dinero (cash), LOL!

Oh and before I forget, she’s going to share some of her emails sent behind the scenes of her top affiliates on how they produce the way they do! Now that’s definitely up my alley, what about yours?

With that said, my stomach is still churning, I’ve downloaded my first lesson AND case studies entitled: -> “How In One Month, I Doubled My Sales, Grew My Lists, Got Tons of Incoming Links, and Made New Friends,” ~ I’m excited to get started! I’ve even decided to form an informal mastermind with a few friends who decide to jump in as well! Let me know when you’ve sealed your membership and we’ll set up our own time to brainstorm back and forth!

keeping it real


P.S. I’ve been told I should always write a P.S. but I really don’t have anything more to say. The only thing left for you to do is to get in while you can!

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