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Getting Back to Basics

These days, deception is at an all time high — Especially ONLINE! Yes, I said it.  Don’t get scared about what you just read because I call it innocent, “blind deception.” Blind deception means when you’re so hungry and ready to earn an income online, you’ll turn a deaf ear to discernment. Therefore, you end up spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars thinking it’s your ticket to wealth — only to find out it wasn’t and you still need “direction.”

Dear on Purpose Entrepreneur,

My name is Regina Baker. I’ve had the amazing pleasure of researching, studying and applying proven internet marketing strategies online for 16+ years. I was here during the “good old days” of REAL networking and profitable collaborations via “old school” online forums. There was no Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram or Google Plus… not even Google! And while I’ve seen amazing growth with Social media, a lot and I mean a lot of people have steered away from the profound principles from long ago that really works, like:

Simplicity. Keeping the main thing, the main thing and following a set of PROVEN Principles.

I’m an Internet Marketing Consultant and because of that “title”, I get to hear a lot of horror stories. I help solo entrepreneurs and small businesses create strategic online marketing strategies that produce visibility, credibility and profit – online as well as offline.  Oh and by the way, I do it for your potential customers, not you.  How you might ask?  With:

  • Website Development and,
  • Internet Marketing Strategies

Could this possibly be YOU?

  • Are you one of those who last year at this very same time, you’re still at that very same place – no where?
  • Are you attending event after event because you were told that’s where the secrets are revealed? Only to find out there never was a secret?
  • Are you a driving force because you believe as long as you keep doing what you’re doing, your miracle is right around the corner?
  • Have you forgot why you made the decision to be in business because you’re scattered, you’ve become a jack of all trades and master at none?

If so, I encourage you to not look at it as failure.  It’s simply part of the learning process!

So many people temporarily lose focus of the original intent (been there done that) – and that is to run the race that was purposed just for them!  It’s still there and I’m going to help you get it back!

Are you ready to shake the dust, make a commitment to YOURSELF and focus on your dream of having a success and profitable business?

I’ll help you GET Back to the Basics to produce profits and visibility on and offline!  Let’s get to know each other, you’ll need to take this brief discovery session.  If we see we’re a good fit then…

I’m going to share with you:

  • What you want to know
  • What the Internet is when it comes to business
  • How to properly position yourself online
  • How to focus on YOU, the purposed {gift} and the reason you do what you do!
  • REAL tools and resources to help fill the gaps
  • My personal proven recommendations
  • How to steer away from the bling-bling (because everything that glitters, isn’t gold!)
  • and more

Notice I didn’t mention your website, products, services, autoresponder, shopping cart, etc?  Why? Because those things are not the reason you’re in business – they are simply tools to help your business function.


Work with Me!

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I look forward to talking with you soon!